Request for Foreign Language Waiver

Students with disabilities may petition for permission to substitute the foreign language expectation in the Common Course of Study with an appropriate replacement when the following criteria are met:

  • Appropriate documentation clearly stating a long-term diagnosed disability must be on file with Accessibility Services. Please refer to Documentation Guidelines
  • Typically only students who have a language-based learning disability or who are deaf/hard of hearing will have petitions supported by the Office of Accessibility Services.  Additional testing to further document the presence of a language-based learning disability may be required for a successful petition. Students with other disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder or Psychological Disorders will usually not be granted foreign language course waivers.

Student Procedure:

  1. Submit all appropriate records and documentation to Accessibility Services. A letter of petition to the Academic Progress Committee will be submitted by the student along with a form.  A staff member from Accessibility Services will review this process with the student.
  2. The letter of petition and documentation should include the following information: an explanation of the disability, how the disability hinders the ability to master a foreign language, history of difficulty in this course of study, testing results from cognitive ability tests such as the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery-III, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III and any recommendation from the evaluator, evidence of previous exemption from language study in high school may also be helpful.
  3. Submit completed packet (petition and all documentation) to Accessibility Services for their signature.  Students will then request a signature from their advisor.  The completed packet and signed form from Accessibility Services and student advisor will be submitted by the student to the Registrar.

General Information

  • The student will submit this letter to the Registrar (second floor Markle Hall) after having the form signed by Accessibility Services and their adviser. The Academic Progress Committee will review the information provided by students. Decisions are based on the severity of the disability and the degree of evidence supporting the requested accommodation.
  • If the petition is granted, the student will be able to take a GM2 class instead of a foreign language.