Lafayette College is committed to providing services to students that will support them in their academic endeavors.  The Academic Resource Hub provides a wide range of services for students including peer tutoring for most courses, programs in time management, study skills, exam preparations, and test anxiety.  Students are welcome to meet with the professional staff in an individualized setting to attain personalized support for their academic needs, or the Academic Resource Hub staff can provide group workshops for academic departments, residence halls, or campus groups.

In addition to the services provided by the Academic Resource Hub, students may also seek support from the Writing Center, the Foreign Languages and Literatures Resource Center, the Mathematics Department’s Calculus Cavalry, and other departmental-specific support services.

Christopher Selena, Director
Jill Heilman, Associate Director
Martha Sullivan, Assistant Director, Accessibility Services

“While all Lafayette students have the ability to do very well here, I have found that a number of very good students can stumble, especially in their first few semesters, due to the pace of college work and the time management and study habits that are needed to master that work. The Academic Resource Hub has a number of programs–workshops, help sessions, peer tutor sessions–that are all very helpful in developing the skills needed for successful academic achievement. I tell all of my first-year students to take advantage of the Academic Resource Hub’s programs, and I recommend my best upper-class students to participate as tutors.”

–Ken Haug, associate professor chemistry