The Academic Resource Hub is responsible for hosting a wide variety of academic support programs to enhance the educational endeavors of Lafayette students.  Please visit the Academic Resource Hub on the 3rd floor of Scott Hall for assistance with peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, accessibility services, academic support for student-athletes, study skills workshops, and academic counseling.


Martha Lee Sullivan

Director, Academic Resource Hub
301 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098
(610) 330-3065

Jill Heilman

Associate Director
312 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098

Caroline Riepenhoff

Associate Athletic Director Student-Athlete Services
309 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5971

Conni McDermott

Assistant Coordinator
317 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098

Nicki Newton

Academic Resource Hub Office Assistant
300 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098

Mike Morsch

Exam Proctor
300 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098