Lafayette offers a range of services to student-athletes who face the dual challenge of performing well in the classroom while maintaining a commitment to Division I athletics.  The following programs are designed specifically for student-athletes:

Monitoring of Academic Progress
The academic progress of student-athletes is monitored through progress reports, mid-term grades, and the peer mentor program.

Peer Mentor Program
First-year student-athletes are matched with experienced athletes for mentoring and guidance. Mentors meet weekly with their first-year mentees to develop skills, connect to resources, and provide advice to ensure they are adjusting well into college life combined with Division I athletics.

Academic Enhancement Workshops & Coaching
Workshops are held during orientation and throughout the academic year for all first-year student-athletes.  Topics include time management, reading, note-taking, and exam preparation. Semester-long academic coaching is also provided to support student-athletes in a variety of areas. These individual meetings are meant to assess a student’s strengths and needs while establishing a personalized plan to assist in the development of their academic skills.

Structured Study Program
A monitored study program is available to all student-athletes who wish to take advantage of studying during the academic day.

Laptop Loan Program
Laptops are available to student-athletes when traveling to competitions.

Weekly Leopards Update 
Every Monday, a newsletter is sent to all student-athletes to highlight ways to get involved on campus, support other sports programs, celebrate birthdays and awards, and access various academic resources.