Lafayette offers a range of services to student-athletes who face the dual challenge of performing well in the classroom while maintaining a commitment to varsity athletics.  The following programs are designed specifically for student-athletes:

Monitoring of Academic Progress
The academic progress of student-athletes is monitored through progress reports, mid-term grades, and the peer mentor program.

Peer Mentor Program
First-year student-athletes are matched with experienced athletes for mentoring and guidance.

“Peer mentoring and peer tutoring are great ways for students to learn from their experiences. The ATTIC staff is also very willing to help students in whatever way they can.”
—Evan Cohen ‘08

Academic Enhancement Workshops
Workshops are held in the first month of the fall semester for all first-year student-athletes.  Topics include time management, reading, note taking, and exam preparation.

Structured Study Program
A monitored study program is available to all student-athletes who wish to take advantage of studying during the academic day.

Laptop Loan Program
Laptops purchased through NCAA grant money are made available to student-athletes when traveling to competitions.

Weekly Leopards Update 
Every Monday, a weekly calendar is sent to all student-athletes to highlight ways to get involved on campus, support other sports programs, celebrate birthdays and awards, and access various academic resources. Leopards Update 10:1:18

“The Academic Tutoring and Training Information Center serves as a link between the athletic and the academic world for both the student-athletes and the coaches.  Athletes can form a positive relationship with the ATTIC and develop that relationship throughout their time on campus.  The ATTIC has assisted my athletes in many ways such as securing internships, finding a tutor, and editing a resume.  The ATTIC is a valuable connection for me because I am able to get regular academic reports on my athletes through progress reports, mid-term grades, and peer mentor evaluations which all are filtered through the ARC.”
–Terri Dadio Campbell, volleyball head coach