Exam Proctoring

Fall 2021 Exam Proctoring Information

Student Role and Responsibilities
  1. Request that Letters of Accommodation are sent to the instructor

  2. Review the course requirements as laid out on the syllabus for each course and make an appointment with each instructor to discuss accommodations

  3. Discuss and determine with instructors how exam accommodations should be handled. Accessibility Services is available to consult.

    • If agreed to take the exam outside of the Hub, the instructor and student will determine the process for the student to access accommodations. Students may take the exam during the scheduled exam time, come early or stay after in the classroom, or arrange alternative options.

    • If agreed to take the exam at the Hub, the student will submit a “Hub Exam Proctor Request Form.”

  4. Complete “Hub Exam Proctor Request Form” as applicable. The form should be completed at least 7 days in advance of the exam. The student will complete the form for each exam request.  All completed forms will be emailed to faculty for approval and requested exam information.

  5. Once the student and faculty complete their respective portions of the form, an email containing the Exam Date, Start and End Time, and Equipment Permitted will be forwarded to the student and faculty.  If the Hub is unable to proctor this exam, the student and instructor will be contacted directly.

Instructor Role and Responsibilities
  1. Review the Letters of Accommodation for students enrolled in classes.   Letters of Accommodation are sent directly to instructors via a shared Google Drive folder.

  2. Discuss with eligible students how accommodations pertain to class context and determine how to administer exams. Accessibility Services is available to consult.

  3. Review and complete your portion of the “Hub Exam Proctor Request Form.” The form will be sent each time a student submits a request.

  4. Upon completion of the instructor portion of the request form, an email with the faculty guidelines as you have submitted is forwarded to the Hub and you as the instructor. As noted above an email is forwarded to the student containing only the Exam Date, Start and End Time, and Equipment Permitted.  If the Hub is unable to proctor this exam, the student and instructor will be contacted directly.

  5. The instructor will deliver a blank copy of the assessment (quiz/exam) and all required materials to Scott Hall prior to the day of the exam.

  6. To maintain the integrity of the format and content, a hard copy of the exam should be delivered by 9:30 AM the day prior to the date the exam is to be taken. If the student is taking the exam on Monday, drop off is Friday.

  7. All completed exams will be scanned into a PDF format and returned to the instructor via their Lafayette College email address on the day in which they are completed unless otherwise indicated. The physical copy of the completed assessment will be filed in the Hub until the end of the semester when it will be destroyed.

Hubs Role and Responsibilities

Our goal is to offer to proctor and support to the greatest extent possible with respect to the staffing and space limitations imposed by the current COVID19 mitigation restrictions. We will continue to monitor the situation and are prepared to expand capacity as soon as restrictions are eased. In the meantime, the Accessibility Services within The Hub are available to consult with the instructors and students to discuss the exam proctoring process and address issues on a case by case basis.

In addition, the Hub staff will review all proctor requests daily and will notify the student and instructor by email, when approved along with a tentative date and time for the exam.  The Hub will provide approved assistive technology and facilitate exam proctoring services for in-person exams.  Completed exams will be scanned and emailed to the instructor by the Hub on the day the exam is taken.  Physical exams may only be picked up on a case-by-case basis.  Pick-up must be pre-arranged with the Hub.

Please contact resourcehub@lafayette.edu with any questions or concerns.