Letter of Support for Elementary Proficiency in a Second Language Requirement (EPSL) Replacement

Students with disabilities may petition for permission to replace the Elementary Proficiency in a Second Language (EPSL) requirement in the Common Course of Study with an additional Global and Multicultural (GM2) course. 

Student Procedure:
  1. Submit a completed Student Intake Form and supporting disability documentation to initiate your request. Please refer to Documentation Guidelines to determine appropriate documentation clearly stating a diagnosed disability.  Please submit all forms and documentation via email to resourcehub@lafayette.edu. Students may submit information and accommodation requests at any time during the semester. 
    • Typically only students with a diagnosed language-based learning disability or who are deaf/hard of hearing will qualify for the EPSL replacement.  Students with other disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or mental health-related disorder(s) will usually not be granted the EPSL replacement. In addition to the Documentation Guidelines,  documentation supporting the replacement should include the following information: how the disability hinders the ability to master a foreign language, history of difficulty in this course of study, evidence of previous exemption from language study in high school may also be helpful.
    • If the student has already been approved for academic accommodations through Accessibility Services, please contact resourcehub@lafayette.edu to discuss the next steps to initiate your request. 
    • Students should not register for a foreign language course if they are requesting an EPSL replacement.  
  2. Information submitted is reviewed.
    • Student information will be reviewed on an individual, case-by-case basis. After the review, Accessibility Services will contact the student to set up an appointment to discuss the request.
    • If you have not heard from Accessibility Services within 10 business days of submitting the information, please contact the office at resourcehub@lafayette.edu to check on the status of your request.
  3. Meet with Accessibility Services for an Interview.
    • The student will meet with an Accessibility Services staff member to discuss the EPSL replacement, policies, procedures, and resources available.
  4. If the EPSL replacement request is supported by Accessibility Services, a staff member from Accessibility Services will provide the student with appropriate documentation (Letter of Support for EPSL Replacement) to include with the General Petition Form.
  5. The completed General Petition Form and Letter of Support for EPSL Replacement will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. 
    • Office of the Registrar – 006 Markle Hall
      Lafayette College Easton PA 18042-1768
      Phone: (610) 330-5090
      Fax: (610) 330-5706
  6. The Office of the Registrar will follow up with the student. If the petition is granted, the student will take an additional Global and Multicultural (GM2) course to replace the Elementary Proficiency in a Second Language (EPSL) requirement.