This appointment booking system is for enrolled students only.  Appointments are conducted in person during the semester and online during summer and interim breaks.

Steps to make appointments.

Steps to make appointments.

  1. Login to TracCloud
  2. Click on “Schedule an Advising Appointment
  3. Use Dropdown Choose a service/reason…
  4. Select Dean
  5. An Info box will display with “Academic Advising”, Click “OK”.
  6. Click “Search”.
  7. Appointment availability will be displayed.  Find the class dean’s name in the top right corner of the appointment slots.  Click the appointment slot with your class dean that fits your schedule. Click “Confirm”.
    • Senior – Christopher Selena
    • Junior – Abigail Close
    • Sophomore – Brandon Morris
    • Freshman – Alexis Smith
  8. An email confirmation will be sent to you and your advisor.
  9. If you are unable to find an appointment that fits your schedule, click “Report Unable to Find Appointment”.  Report what you found and what you were hoping to find.  Click “Submit Report” and a member of the advising office will contact you.
  10. You will find your Upcoming Appointments listed by date, i.e. Wed Aug 30, 2023.  Select “week” or “list” to have all displayed.


Steps to Join an Online Appointment

  1. Login to TracCloud
  2. Within your upcoming events, find the scheduled appointment. You should find the online icon in the left corner of the appointment block.
  3. 5 minutes prior to the meeting Click on “Click here to join your online session“. 
  4. This will take you to a waiting room. The advisor will admit you to the meeting.
  5. Please know that the link is not available until 5 minutes before the appointment time and if you are later than 15 minutes the link will be unavailable.

Where to go for in-person meetings

Please come to the 2rd floor of  Scott Hall reception desk where you will meet our office assistant who will guide you in signing in on the kiosk. The staff member you are scheduled to meet will be notified that you have arrived and you will be directed to their office.

Need assistance with appointment booking?

Any questions or need assistance email