Academic Accommodations 

Lafayette College is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations to students with disabilities. Accessibility Services engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews requests for accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis. Our goal is to understand the impact of the disability so that an appropriate plan can be developed. 

The purpose of an academic accommodation is to ensure an equal educational opportunity for qualified individuals with disabilities. Accommodations may include auxiliary aids and services, as well as modifications to academic requirements as necessary to minimize the impact of the disability.

To initiate the request for academic accommodations, please review the Getting Started and Documentation Guidelines page for detailed information. 


Accessibility Services will determine academic accommodations based on:

Lafayette Students Registered with Accessibility Services

  • If you would like to access your approved accommodations in one or more courses, you must request Letter(s) of Accommodations to be shared with your course professors by completing the Letter of Accommodation Request form.
  • You are encouraged to request your Letter of Accommodation at the start of each semester. We strongly recommend that you request the Letter of Accommodation no later than one week after the Add/Drop deadline since some accommodations may take time to arrange. Accommodations are not retroactive.
  • Once you complete the Letter of Accommodation Request Form, Accessibility Services will email a copy of your Letter of Accommodation to you and your course professors. 
  • Students are expected to connect with their professors about accessing approved accommodations in their courses. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their professor to discuss their Letter of Accommodation and any disability-related concerns they may have in a particular course. For certain accommodations, including alternate format accommodations, Accessibility Services will provide the student with a list of specific issues to discuss with their professors to assist with creating an Implementation Plan for the student.
  • Students who wish to access their approved testing accommodations must speak with their professor at the beginning of each semester and at least two weeks prior to a scheduled exam/quiz to make arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already registered with Accessibility Services. How do I access my accommodations? Do I need to re-register every semester?

If Accessibility Services approves academic accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to make an official request of their accommodations by completing the Letter of Accommodation request form every semester.  This process is required in order to notify the student’s current professors and access accommodations.

I would like to change my accommodations. What do I do?

A student may contact Accessibility Services at any time to discuss possible changes to approved accommodations. This may include additional accommodations or revisions to current approved accommodations. Students should submit requests for changes to their accommodations using the Student Intake Form and check the applicable box indicating whether the student is requesting revision(s) to current approved accommodations, or requesting additional accommodation(s) to current approved accommodations. Accessibility Services will then engage in the interactive process with the student and review requests for changes on an individualized, case-by-case basis.