Dining Accommodations

Lafayette College is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate dining accommodations to students with disabilities and chronic health conditions. The dining accommodations process is intended to address dining needs that may be difficult to meet through the College’s residential dining program. The process begins with identifying the student’s essential needs and then determining appropriate accommodation(s) that addresses those particular needs.

Accessibility Services requires supporting documentation from a qualified licensed professional that identifies how a dining accommodation supports the student’s medical or disability-related needs. 

Accommodation requests for the next academic year must be submitted by March 1 (current students) or June 1 (incoming first-year students).   Requests not made within a reasonable time frame may result in the College not being able to provide the requested accommodation. Students may contact Accessibility Services at any time regarding the accommodation request process.

How to make a dining accommodation request:
  1. The student will complete the Student Intake Form and submit documentation of their disability that supports the requested dining accommodation(s) to Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services will notify the student via Lafayette email that their information has been received.
  2. Accessibility Services will review the documentation and meet with the student to discuss their request.   The student may also be required to meet with Dining Services to discuss the implementation of their request. 
    • If the request is approved, Accessibility Services will email a letter to the student via Lafayette email and copy Dining Services and Residence Life that states the approved accommodation(s).  
    • If the dining request is not supported, Accessibility Services will contact the student directly to notify them of the decision or to request additional documentation.